What If You Already Had What You Were Seeking

Recently I was reading a book that I thought was going to give me ideas to be more productive in my business.  I was super excited; I can always use new ideas!  Well, it wasn’t at all what I expected.  I began to feel a bit dismayed and thought “I don’t like this” – but decided to finish it, because I know that everything happens for a reason and gems appear often out of nowhere.  I was interested in seeing what my gem would be.  About two pages until the end I realized what the gem was – this book was telling me why I was already productive!  How cool is that?

What a revelation!  Here I had been looking for answers and solutions and — guess what — I already had them.  I gained a new understanding of how I am productive and, boy, with that awareness I saw myself differently.  I believe in the statement “When you change your perspective, things change”.  Wayne Dwyer is famous for saying “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  I had been thinking I needed more answers, more solutions, more knowledge, and more whatever I could get externally to help me be more, do more and learn more… when this book sent me the message I already have all that I was seeking.

How enlightening and freeing!  Since one of my values is freedom, this was a joy to discover.

This got me to thinking: how often in our lives might we discount ourselves, another person, or a situation and just blow it off and not even give it a chance?  Oh, I know what the answer is — it’s more times than not!  I know this because I’ve done it, my family, friends and clients have done (and are still doing) it.  So let me ask you this, where might you (and perhaps those around you) benefit from a change in perspective?  Who could benefit from you looking at them differently?

Now, I have had a lot of coaching and I know that the benefit is in having an objective party see what I might not be seeing, challenge what I might not be willing to challenge, and to support my forward movement.  Coaches help you see your blind spot and to encourage you to step out from behind it, to flourish, to grow and to fit into being you.  For me, it is so helpful to see a side of myself that I didn’t see before.

My advice for you is to stop for a moment and look around you with fresh eyes.  Where do you already have the information, the knowledge, and the know-how, but haven’t seen it to be able to take advantage of it for yourself?  Or maybe you discovered a big revelation, like me, and are a scared to go forward and would like some support.  I encourage you to reach out to a friend, colleague or a coach to help you reach outside your box.  Getting that support is all that is standing in your way!

In any event, I’d love to hear what you have discovered; please share your thoughts, insights and revelations below!


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