Are You Taking Care Of You?

It’s kind of a buzz word — more of a buzz phrase — that we hear here, there, and everywhere!  But what does ‘taking care of yourself’ mean to you?  Are you thinking “I have no idea”?  Then you are not alone.  Let me help you because it took me a long time (and I mean a long time) to get it.  Here it is, the secret meaning behind that phrase – it means whatever you want it to mean.  Tah-Dah!

For example, I love to go for a manicure, yet I never seem to make myself an appointment.  There are various reasons; I don’t have the time, I don’t want to spend the money, I can’t find the number, etc.  Then one day I realized I was heading down a slippery slope because everything seemed so hard, my mind was racing, I wasn’t eating properly, nor was I exercising for myself.  It suddenly became clear to me that I was NOT taking care of myself.  So, I made a conscious effort to eat healthier, exercise more for myself, get enough rest and I made that appointment for a manicure.  Then some really cool things happened.  I relaxed, my mind stopped racing and I enjoyed myself.  Everything that I had going on around me didn’t feel so overwhelming or stressful or out of control anymore!

It was then I realized what taking care of myself meant.  It is all about what I enjoy and what brings me happiness — and no matter what it is, I have a right to it.  High on my list of what is important to me is my health and wellness; health in the physical sense and wellness in the overall sense.  Taking care of my mind, body, and spirit is truly what keeps everything in my life running smoothly – from running my business and helping out my family, to fun and recreation.

Where in your life are you NOT taking care of yourself?  I encourage you to take a moment right now to think about all the things you like to do but always put off for later when you think you’ll have time.  What brings you happiness, joy and good feelings?  What relaxes you or energizes you?

Here are a few of my favorite wellness tips:

  • Spend five minutes just breathing – sit quietly and focus on your breath as you breathe in and out.
  • Spend as little as 10 minutes doing some light stretching – yoga poses.
  • Take a brisk walk outdoors (with or without kids/pets).
  • Get out a novel and enjoy reading for pleasure – for five minutes or 30 minutes.
  • Schedule a facial, manicure, pedicure or massage.
  • Be present where you are and with whom (even if it is just yourself).
  • Play with your kids or your pets.

Don’t slide down the slippery slope of letting yourself go and wondering “When on earth did I start to look and feel old, tired and worn out?”  Instead, take the time to make a list of at least five things that you will do to help you begin (or continue) taking care of yourself over the next week.  Now schedule them, do them and — most importantly — enjoy them!  They’re good for you!

Please share with me below your tips and the things that you do to take care of yourself.  I can tell you, not only will you inspire me, but you will inspire all the fabulous men and ladies who are part of my world!


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