You Thought It Was Just You!

Today I was talking with a client and she said something that was music to my ears.  I love it so much when clients finally have their “ah-ha!” moments! What she said to me was that because she made the decision to take care of herself, she was seeing all kinds of changes that were both positive and exciting!

Specifically, she said she had more energy, she felt better, she had more self esteem, and she had more patience for her work and tolerance of her customers — they didn’t annoy her as much (which is a good thing!).  She said she was ‘more laid back’, her kids were proud of her, they were all having more fun and doing more family things together like cooking and eating healthier dinners and they were even helping her clean up afterward.  They all wanted to spend more time together because they were all enjoying each other’s company.

(Did you happen to notice the underlying theme of “more” being better?)

This woman has six — yes, I said six — children: five boys and one girl.  She works full time, too, but she is at the gym every single day working out and seeing her efforts pay off.  She regularly asks me “Kim, how am I doing?” because she wants to improve every time she comes in.  I call this commitment!  And it isn’t just a commitment to herself, it is also to the life of her kids, family and all aspects of her life.

When we make a decision to put ourselves first and begin taking care of ourselves, all kinds of great things happen.  This lady started out only wanting to get her shape back – you can understand that, right?  Six kids!  And what she has found — and is still finding — is that there is WAY more to this ‘getting healthy, getting fit’ thing.  Yes, it is about having a fabulous figure that you love and feel good in, but it is also about self esteem, confidence, happiness, joy, and anticipation of what is to come into your life.

Where in your life have you not made a commitment? Something that you have been wanting to do, but just… eh, not gotten there yet?  Where are you ‘settling’?  Even though you know if you finally made the commitment to yourself that not only will your life be better but that of those around you will be better, too – heck, not just better but amazing!

When I teach my in-person group exercise muscle conditioning classes, I am famous for saying “Ok, today’s challenge is …” and then I give the participants the option to ‘take it or not’.  Would you like to guess how many opt not to take it?  If you said “no one”, you are correct!  Everyone has the opportunity to always rise to the occasion and some even go higher.  I tell them to remember that the challenge is all theirs and they can make it what they want, but that this is where they will begin to grow and stretch and get closer to their personal goals.  With my private coaching clients, I offer them similar challenges and no one ever says no – although it is an option.  They know that if they are open to it, they will see great growth, success and happiness.

My challenge to you is to pick one area in your life that you have been mulling about changing, shifting, or looking at differently and take one small inspired action step toward reaching it.  Maybe it is a health and fitness goal, a fun and enjoyment goal, a family goal, a personal goal, a financial goal – whatever it is the challenge is to pick, act and smile!  You too will be on your way to growth, success and happiness!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, insights and revelations – please comment below!

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  1. Great article Kim! You have a wonderful writing style and I can feel your energy leap off the page. Keep up the great work girlfriend!

  2. So encouraging, Kim! I’m ready to focus on making some long-needed lifestyle changes. I’ll browse your site a bit more and contact you before the week is out. Thanks! (PS I’m in Christine’s new GCO group with you. Woohoo!)

    • Hi Tina, congrats on being ready to focus on making some long-needed lifestyle changes! Whoohoo.