It’s what you do that counts

Thought for the day.thought-for-the-day

If you can remember that it’s what you do that counts, then what happens to you won’t matter.

Today, no matter what happens, step back and remember that what you do counts. Are you reacting in a way that is negative or positive to yourself and others? Are you reacting in the same way for basically everything?

I like to teach my clients to respond rather than react, but first they need to know how they react in order to move to responding. When you can respond, you give yourself the option of being at choice. React, pretty much is just a default that happens automatically and often unconsciously.

Have you ever said, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to do that?” or “I have no idea why I got so upset.” That’s your unconscious leading your actions rather than you being the leader. If you would like to react in a new, positive empowering way you can, all you need to do is start to notice how you react and then decide to change it. Then you can choose to respond.



How to make progress toward your goals (2)The number one thing that you as a business owner needs to do in order to reach your goals is to know exactly where you are going.

Toward or Away?

Are you moving toward your goals or away from them? You may be saying “well, of course I’m moving toward them.” AND how do you know?

You move toward your goals when you are actively heading in the direction of your goal. Let’s take make money. If you are actively going out and signing on clients or selling your products and services and have actual money coming in then you are moving toward your goal of making money.

Let’s say though you are saying to yourself “I don’t want to be poor” or “I don’t want to not be able to pay my bills this month” then you are moving away from your goal.

What’s The Difference.

You may be thinking “ya but, if I am motivated by not being able to pay my bills, I’ll go out and get the clients I need so that I don’t find myself in that position.” And I can see why you would think that. However, the problem with moving away is that at some point you get far enough away from that feeling of what you don’t want that your motivation stops and you end up creating that same thing that you didn’t want.

Yes, it does create an initial case of being motivated because you don’t want that but when the motivation disappears what happens is the exact thing you didn’t want.

And so then, if you are moving toward what you do want such as plenty of money to easily pay your bills and then some, you realize that you can do more and you set higher goals. So instead of just having plenty of money to easily pay your bills, you will want money to perhaps give your favorite clients gifts or even give a gift to yourself or something of the like.

Move away from creates inconsistent results.  Move toward creates consistent results and then some.

Remember though, saying “plenty of money” is not enough to be able to reach your goal, as you’ll learn below you want to be specific as in a dollar amount of what it is you want.

How To Set Goals That Make It Easy to Move Toward.

Lay out your goal(s) and determine what will move you forward stated in the positive.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my goal simple and specific?
  • Is is meaningful to me?  In other words, what is in it for you?
  • Is it achievable? How will other areas of my life be impacted?
  • Is it realistic and responsible and good for all?
  • Is it timed toward what I want? Put a date on when the goal will be completed.

There is ONE piece that will have you move toward reaching and accomplishing your goal consistently and that is As If Now. As if you already have the goal.

Let’s say you want your goal to be as of December 31, 2016, you will write your goal As If Now: It is December 31, 2016 and I am now making $10,000 per month every month.

By doing so you move out of (or let’s say away from) wishing versus desiring.  Wishing is saying “that would be nice if that happened someday.” Desiring is creating a connection between your wanting and taking the action to get it.

What will it be for you? Are you ready to move toward? Go ahead and share your thoughts on my below or pop over to my Facebook page and share with me what it is you are moving toward. Feel free to state your goal as As If Now and what your first action step is that you will take to get you closer to your goal!

How are you at attracting clients to you?

11-17-16 ezineIf you said “I’m great at it!”  Yippeee that makes me very happy and please post your tips so that others can learn from you and your expertise.

If you said “I’m not that great at it.”  Then you are in the right place because I’m going share with you a few ways in which you can attract all the clients you want!


It’s not enough to hang out your business shingle; you have to be specific about WHO it is you help.  When they see your marketing and advertising, they’ll be able to say “Ohhh, I’m interested in what this person is saying.”  Therefore, YOU need to know what you need to be saying and writing so that you will “speak” to your people and attract them to you.

Several questions that most people never ask or even consider are:

  1. Is this segment big enough (it must be 10,000 people or more)?
  2. Are my services what my people will likely accept and say yes to?
  3. Do they want to solve their problem?
  4. Will they pay me for my services?

If the answers are yes to ALL of them, you are in the right place.  If not, no matter what you do you will not be able to succeed as you’ll be swimming upstream making things extremely difficult for you and your business.

Remember, people have to say yes to you in order for you to have business, you want to make that as easy as possible for them to do so.


Once you know the WHO of it all, the people you serve and want to work with, it’s important to know WHAT their specific problem(s) is.  This is again a key piece in creating a client attractor plan of action that leads to you having clients.

Here are a few key components for you to begin brainstorming:

  • The problem they Experience daily
  • The solution they Want instead
  • What do they need to Learn/Know/Do
  • What is their Ultimate Outcome
  • What is their Why?


Once you know your WHO and WHAT their specific problem is, spend time researching where your people are.  I can’t tell you how many people I talk to and have worked with who just go out to random networking events or join any online group without doing research to see whether or not it is the place for them to be spending time at or in.

And it’s usually because they haven’t done the work it takes to determine their who and the problems they have so they basically barking up the wrong tree and then feel frustrated because they aren’t seeing any results.

One of the best things you can do for your business success is to do the work before hand to lay the foundation so that you are in the right place at the right time with the right people!

Go ahead and take the time to do the above and you won’t be sorry.  In fact, you might be doing the celebration dance of working with those people who make your heart sing and pay you what you are worth.  It is what you want, isn’t it?

If you want specific help to solve your own client attraction woes, sign up for the 30-Day Rapid Results Program.  In 30 Days you have a Clear Client Attractive Branding Message, Know Who Your People Are and Create a Yes I Want to Work with You Client Attractor Offer!

Email me at with “I want a client attractive business” in the subject if this sounds attractive to you and we’ll talk.  Get what you want out of your business!

What successful people do: They keep going

11-15-16 used for Tuesday ThoughtThought for the day.

So often we hit a snag or a snafu and we give up.  We say that we’ll do it later but then later never comes.  We then say we don’t have the time to do it later and we can’t do it because of this or because of that.

Eliminate the excuses and do what the clock does and keep going!

You’ll be amazed at the results you get, the increase in energy and the feelings of accomplishment!

Who is with me and the clock?  If you are, please share and let’s create some success for ourselves and the world!

Did you know you had your own unique brilliance?

3You already have what it takes to succeed.

Your Unique Brilliance is something that is all and totally you! It is you at your best no matter what you are doing and no matter who you are with. Business owners who are in tune with theirs will have more success for themselves.

Your Unique Brilliance shows up when you are in the flow. When you are connecting with your true self. When you are open and everything flows into and through you.

Using your Unique Brilliance.

As a business owner using your Unique Brilliance is what will help you reach your goals faster and with less stress and frustration. When you are in your brilliance, everything feels easier, you have insights and experiences that serve you and you see quicker and more amazing results.

Maybe you are thinking that you aren’t too sure about what your Unique Brilliance is, well it is your essence and probably something you take for granted or even might not see. If that is the case, you won’t be able to use it to excel in your life and in your business.

Think of a time when you were at your best, things were flowing, you were in the groove, and feeling amazing. Do you have that time in mind?

  • Where were you?
  • What were you doing?
  • What were some feelings you had?
  • What were some thoughts you had?
  • What were some things you loved to do as a kid?

Jot all of that down. Now what are some words and qualities that describe what you wrote down? What do they mean for or meant for you?

Unique Brilliance in action.

An example of Unique Brilliance is:  I inspire possibility.

It’s mine. I loved to teach as a child, I loved to help others, I loved to listen and to brainstorm. I loved to help others see what was possible for them, to look at things in a different way, to see the other side of the coin/story/situation and to this day I still do. I believe it is what makes me a great coach.

I have always inspired possibility but it wasn’t until I learned of my Unique Brilliance that I was able to truly step into myself and own what I knew deep down inside that I was great at. Once you see what your Unique Brilliance is you will too.

What’s next.

Once you answer the above, create your own Unique Brilliance Statement by starting with the word “I” and then use a verb such as spark, ignite, shape, or any verb that fits you. A few more examples from my clients are:

  • I spark greatness
  • I empower action
  • I achieve decisiveness
  • I listen openly
  • I build empires
  • I accomplish fabulousness

What you want is a true “I” statement and one when you hit it you will own it! It will feel so totally you that you’ll be bursting with excitement and have a smile a mile wide on your face.

It’s your turn, what is your Unique Brilliance? Go ahead and figure it out and then share it with me on my Facebook page so that you can also share it with the world. And if you aren’t ready just yet to openly share and would like to keep it private for now, email it to me at where it will be kept safe with me until you are ready to share it with the world!


It’s all about the health of you and your business

Fitness photo - blog 10-20-16What does health mean?

Health, it’s such a buzz word. Everywhere you go you hear “I want to get healthy” but what exactly does that mean? It means different things to different people. For an athlete it means one thing and for someone who is sick it means something completely different.

What does it mean to you?

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a chore.

I’ve worked in the health & fitness industry for a long time. One of the things that I try to teach others is that getting healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. It doesn’t have to be hard, nor do you have to spend tons of time on it.

What it does have to be is a lifestyle that you choose.  As a business owner, one of major assets is your health, your personal health. I want to make sure I’m really clear here, that means your physical, mental and emotional health. Because the saying is true. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

How it can be easy.

Start very small, I mean s-m-a-l-l. Here are several ideas:

  • Exchange one glass of soda for a glass of water a day for 5-7 days (or more if that’s what it takes) then increase from there.
  • Eat one new vegetable or fruit each week.
  • Park just a bit further from where you are going and increase it each week (or more if that’s what it takes).
  • Take 30-60 seconds and stand up to stretch.
  • Spend 30-60 seconds breathing slowing, inhaling and exhaling equally.

Yes, I have tons more ideas for you but if you are just getting started or thinking it is going to be hard and that you can’t do it, small is what will bring you the success you need to be healthy.  Trust me, biting off more than you can chew (pun intended) will get to exactly where you are and that’s not healthy.

Here is a quick video that can help you get started, it’s simple and you can do it in about 30 seconds, heck you can do it as you watch it. So click and watch, then share with me what you did!


Do you have the stamina to run your business?

2Who is running the business, is it you or the other way around?

I’ve been working with a lot of business owners recently who are stressed out and exhausted running their business. In fact, I’d say their business is running them rather than the other way around.

Most of them have been sitting behind their computer tap, tap, tapping away at their keyboards. And we all know what goes along with that, a lot of sitting. Sitting equals being sedentary and that equals a lot of poor health.

The low down on being fit to run your business.

Owning a business is much like running a marathon, it is a long journey. The difference is that marathoners have a specific well-laid out plan for them to follow where they are in constant movement, then rest and recovery. In addition they do a lot of tracking and reviewing to see what works really well and what doesn’t.

It is an absolute that as a business owner you must be healthy and fit. Before you get all up in arms over that, I am not saying you have to be a marathoner or anything of the like. But what I am saying without a doubt, you have to incorporate fitness, eating healthy, stress-reduction and rest into your business plan.

When you are healthy and fit you feel better, you have more physical energy and you have more mental energy. Maybe you have heard that our biggest successes and our biggest failures are all because of our mindset.

When you are run down, strung out and stressed out, you simply don’t have the mental capacity to be at the top of your game.

More great reasons for being healthy and fit for running a successful business.

A large study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine discovered that for workers who ate healthy and had regular exercise such as exercising at least three days per week were more likely to have a better job performance than those who did not.

You may not consider “job performance” when it comes to you because you probably don’t consider yourself an employee, but you really are. In fact, if you are like a lot of my clients you are the main worker bee so why not be the healthiest one?

When you put your fitness, eating well and sleep as a priority your brain power is boosted, stress is reduced and your work performance is improved. And least we forget, your overall mood increases! Talk about a positive mindset!

It doesn’t have to be hard!

Now for the good news! Increasing your health and fitness doesn’t have to be hard. Nor does it have to take tons of hours. What it does take is a bit of planning and execution but hey, you are a business owner you are used to that already. So take the skills you have been using and implement them on your health and fitness plan. And if you really aren’t sure where to start, here is a very quick video I posted to my Facebook page to get you started. It’s really simple, and you’ll probably go “really?”, yes really!

One of the things I make sure my clients have is their very own personalized health and fitness plan that supports their business goals (not to mention the personal ones too =) and that is easy for them to achieve. If that’s something you’d like but can’t seem to figure out on your own, let me know email me at! I’d love to help you create a kick-butt plan that gives you all the stamina you need to run a healthy, successful business!



Do you know your brand promise?

Passon - Branding blog post 9-29-16Your brand is so much more than a logo.

Your brand is the PROMISE of an EXPERIENCE.

What is the promise that you offer your clients? All great personal brands clearly answer:

  • Who am I
  • What do I stand for
  • What am I an expert in or at

Can you easily answer the above questions? If you are shaking in your boots and thinking ‘oh crap, NO I can’t’ not to worry, there is good news! With a little knowledge, you can create your very own brand promise.

What is branding?

Branding is an opportunity for you to create a meaningful, thought-provoking connection with your clients (and even potential clients), it serves as a focus, intention and energy for you in building your business.

An example of a brand that did that is Coca-Cola. When you think of Coke, what immediately comes to mind? Does “have a Coke and a smile” come to mind, what about polar bears having fun? Coke has done a phenomenal job at creating a cohesive brand, they sell good times that feel good.

What are you selling?

Next, take a moment and think about yourself. What is it you sell? By the way, if you are in business, you are selling something. So before you get all up in arms with me, just go with it because you are in business to make money and you can only do that if you sell something.

I recently wrote about creating your Unique Brilliance, click here to find out how to do that, it’s a great start.  Start thinking about what you are a stand for in your business. An example is Deepak Chopra – he is a stand for: “there is more to life than what we see.”

Then ask yourself what are you an expert at or in (hint: go back to what you are selling, because more than likely it’s what you are an expert at/in), be very specific here. Deepak is an expert at “making something esoteric understandable to mainstream America.”

Your Brand Promise

You are now ready to create your  Brand Promise. This will be something that will guide you and help you to make decisions and choices in what you put forward in terms of marketing content, what you do for people and many other things.

Your Brand Promise tells your market that you can be relied upon to deliver a consistent experience regardless of the particular of what you are delivering – be it product, service or event.

Your Brand Promise is specific, emotional and always includes naming your ideal client. You can publish it, but it truly is for you to use for yourself and for your marketing and this Brand Promise of yours should serve you for years.

Take a moment and think about what it is that your business promises to deliver.

If you need an example, here’s mine:

“I teach women business owners how to succeed by focusing on specific how to steps, strategies and tactics that support their healthy business growth so that they make money and have more fun in their business.”

Your turn, what is YOUR Brand Promise?

If you aren’t sure, I have a sweet opportunity for you! It’s called Create The Soul of Your Brand Guide. All you have to do is email me at and put in the subject line YES! Please Help Me With My Brand. It is my gift to you. Don’t wait, this offer will go fast and it’s so awesome you won’t want to miss out.


Recapping the importance of your relationship with money

In this blog, I’d like to share with you the importance of your relationship with money.
How Connected Are You To Your Money?
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It’s All About The Money
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Did one of these blogs resonate with you?  If so, I’d love to hear from you. Post to one of the blogs above or email me personally at to share.

Is your marketing right on or are you stumbling and bumbling?

What is marketing, anyway?

In business marketing is a BIG word. It’s used all the time, but what exactly does it mean and what does it mean to you?

Marketing as is defined by Wikipedia is: the communication between a company and the consumer audience that aims to increase the value of the company or its merchandise, or to raise the profile of the company and its products in the public mind. The purpose of marketing is to induce behavioral change in the receptive audience.[1]

The American Marketing Association has defined marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” [2]

And this is all fine and good, but what does it mean to and for you? Well, ultimately it means exposure, you get known, you make SALES and you have money! Whoohoo. Are you getting excited yet?

Oh but wait, there is more!

How can your marketing improve your success?

One thing that I see small business owners and solopreneurs fail at is creating marketing messages that capture their spirit, personality and passion. They fail to put themselves into.

One of my clients owns a successful hair salon and the reason it was successful was because she knew that it was her that people came into see.

In the beginning, it wasn’t always that way, she wanted to and did take a more background role. What she noticed was that she didn’t get as much repeat business as she did when she was the one greeting, setting their next appointments and conversing with them.

After she understood it was her Unique Brilliance that lead to more business, it was easy to create a marketing plan that filled in the missing pieces and gave her much success.

By identifying your Unique Brilliance and what you bring to the table, you can use it as a powerful catalyst for using your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions.

Unlock your powerful, instantly recognizable presence.

The best way to become a client-attraction and opportunity magnet is to know and strategically use your spirit, personality and passion to create hot marketing messages, create amazing images, attention-getting copy and many other marketing touch points that lead to increased clients and sales.

Knowing Your Unique Brilliance

Your own Unique Brilliance is not a skill, it’s a powerful force that describes the very core of who you are as an individual.

Here are a few questions for you to ask:

  • Write down what you loved to do as a child.
  • What are some words or qualities that describe that?
  • Finish this sentence:  My Unique Brilliance is that I _____________________

A few examples: I inspire possibility; I ignite passion and action; I empower greatness.

Keep in mind that your Unique Brilliance is just you – so it will not mention others and it does not describe steps or process.

How can you use your Unique Brilliance in your marketing? If you empower greatness how does that look? What social media messages and images are you creating; what are you talking about to potential clients; and how are you presenting your business to the world?

It’s fun and exciting! You can effortlessly create amazing marketing materials. You won’t be just creating a message you’ll be creating and building a brand!

If you are stumbling and bumbling with your marketing and attracting clients in your business and want to create amazing marketing messages that are on point and on brand, I have something you can’t say no to, it’s called Create The Soul of Your Business Marketing Guide. All you have to do is email me at and put in the subject line YES! It is my gift to you. Don’t wait, this offer will go fast and it’s so awesome you won’t want to miss out.