The truth is, it’s all about you!

Good news! It’s about you.

Right off the bat, I’m giving you permission to make things about YOU!

My hope though is that you are already doing that. And just in case you aren’t, now is your time to do so. See as a solo entrepreneur/business owner it’s super-duper (yes, I just wrote that) important to take care of yourself.

You are the only one you have. And not only that but you are the only one your family has, your clients have, your friends have and so on. I think you get my point. Rather than ignoring you, what if you made it about you?

Consequently, you must realize just how important it is for you to take care of yourself. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are mega important. Much has been written about balance. In particular, work/life balance. And much has been written about how that is impossible. It’s a matter of perspective. I like to look at balance as not 50/50 but in terms of how I’m feeling about my life and my work.

Why make it about you.

A wise woman once told me, “Kim, I take myself with me wherever I go and I want to feel good.” She meant both mind/body and spirit and she recognized that if she didn’t feel good in any of those areas she was out of balance. Take the time to do what YOU want to do – doesn’t matter if that is for your personal life or your business. You can trust me that you will at first feel a little weird, and then amazing.

You are more important than you believe you are.

First of all, can we agree that you ARE important? So before you tell me how you have so much to do and that others depend on you, take a moment to look into the future and envision the best version of yourself that you bring to your loved ones, your business and your clients. Then second, do what you need to do to make changes in your life so you have time to put yourself first. As a result, you will find that you have so much more to give others.

In conclusion, by taking care of yourself, you are better able to take care of everyone else. You’ll feel better, have more energy and be more equipped to reach both your personal and business goals! What’s not to like about that?!

Things will figure themselves out even without you.

And fear not, everything will be there for you when you are ready, and if not, maybe you didn’t need to do it/worry about it in the first place. The other thing you’ll find is things will figure themselves out. My previous blog was about taking time to rest, click here to read it if you haven’t already.

For now, determine what is one thing you will commit to doing for yourself to put yourself first in you life. Write it down and then do it. Notice how wonderful you feel and what happens in your life because you did it!

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The one thing that will give you the advantage


In life and in business you have ONE thing that gives YOU the advantage over anyone else.

What that one thing is.

It’s YOU.  I cannot tell you how often I’ve heard this: “Once I started listening to myself everything changed.”

Maybe you are someone who already knows this and uses it to your advantage and maybe you might be like I used to be and are listening to everyone else tell you what you should do.

I spent a good portion of my life (nevermind my business) listening to others. I did that because I didn’t feel confident in myself or my ability. Not the best combination when starting a business, let me tell ya. I thought that others knew what was best for me. It includes a laundry list of people from my close family to other coaches and mentors.  Everyone has good intentions, yet when you listen to someone other than you, you put yourself at a distinct disadvantage.

How to use yourself as the advantage.

One thing I learned was that no one else, no matter how well-intentioned, educated or experienced could tell me what was best for me. Only I knew that. For a very long time I’ve said “we are all unique and specially made” and that is because there is only ONE of you. Somehow my mantra got lost on me and I allowed outside influences to drive my actions.

And it wasn’t until I finally had done just about everything the someone else wanted me to do or thought it would be good for me and got nothing that I knew something had to change and that was I had to change.

So then, how do you use yourself as the advantage? I usually like to give you a number of tips or suggestions and today I’m only give you one. It’s this:


In addition to that, I’m also encouraging you to sign up for my free offer below because it will help you find the target market that fits you and what’s better than working with people that you really enjoy? Nothing, in fact, it’s so awesome that you’ll not want to miss out.

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It’s what you do that counts

Thought for the day.thought-for-the-day

If you can remember that it’s what you do that counts, then what happens to you won’t matter.

Today, no matter what happens, step back and remember that what you do counts. Are you reacting in a way that is negative or positive to yourself and others? Are you reacting in the same way for basically everything?

I like to teach my clients to respond rather than react, but first they need to know how they react in order to move to responding. When you can respond, you give yourself the option of being at choice. React, pretty much is just a default that happens automatically and often unconsciously.

Have you ever said, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to do that?” or “I have no idea why I got so upset.” That’s your unconscious leading your actions rather than you being the leader. If you would like to react in a new, positive empowering way you can, all you need to do is start to notice how you react and then decide to change it. Then you can choose to respond.



Did you know you had your own unique brilliance?

3You already have what it takes to succeed.

Your Unique Brilliance is something that is all and totally you! It is you at your best no matter what you are doing and no matter who you are with. Business owners who are in tune with theirs will have more success for themselves.

Your Unique Brilliance shows up when you are in the flow. When you are connecting with your true self. When you are open and everything flows into and through you.

Using your Unique Brilliance.

As a business owner using your Unique Brilliance is what will help you reach your goals faster and with less stress and frustration. When you are in your brilliance, everything feels easier, you have insights and experiences that serve you and you see quicker and more amazing results.

Maybe you are thinking that you aren’t too sure about what your Unique Brilliance is, well it is your essence and probably something you take for granted or even might not see. If that is the case, you won’t be able to use it to excel in your life and in your business.

Think of a time when you were at your best, things were flowing, you were in the groove, and feeling amazing. Do you have that time in mind?

  • Where were you?
  • What were you doing?
  • What were some feelings you had?
  • What were some thoughts you had?
  • What were some things you loved to do as a kid?

Jot all of that down. Now what are some words and qualities that describe what you wrote down? What do they mean for or meant for you?

Unique Brilliance in action.

An example of Unique Brilliance is:  I inspire possibility.

It’s mine. I loved to teach as a child, I loved to help others, I loved to listen and to brainstorm. I loved to help others see what was possible for them, to look at things in a different way, to see the other side of the coin/story/situation and to this day I still do. I believe it is what makes me a great coach.

I have always inspired possibility but it wasn’t until I learned of my Unique Brilliance that I was able to truly step into myself and own what I knew deep down inside that I was great at. Once you see what your Unique Brilliance is you will too.

What’s next.

Once you answer the above, create your own Unique Brilliance Statement by starting with the word “I” and then use a verb such as spark, ignite, shape, or any verb that fits you. A few more examples from my clients are:

  • I spark greatness
  • I empower action
  • I achieve decisiveness
  • I listen openly
  • I build empires
  • I accomplish fabulousness

What you want is a true “I” statement and one when you hit it you will own it! It will feel so totally you that you’ll be bursting with excitement and have a smile a mile wide on your face.

It’s your turn, what is your Unique Brilliance? Go ahead and figure it out and then share it with me on my Facebook page so that you can also share it with the world. And if you aren’t ready just yet to openly share and would like to keep it private for now, email it to me at where it will be kept safe with me until you are ready to share it with the world!


Recapping the importance of your relationship with money

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Did one of these blogs resonate with you?  If so, I’d love to hear from you. Post to one of the blogs above or email me personally at to share.

How to have the ability to generate your own power

You have the power to generate energy.

I was watching a video from Brendon Burchard and he said such an intriguing thing that made me stand up and take notice.

He said that power plants don’t have energy, they generate energy.

His philosophy is that we have the power to generate our own energy, motivation and action. That got me to thinking, so often we take the easy way out. Have ever heard someone say (or even said yourself):

  • I’ll do it later.
  • I’ll start tomorrow.
  • I will leave this here for now.

Well my friend, if you have, not to worry, but know that when you do you basically snuff out your own energy. So if you are someone who would like to have more results, notice the times that you do snuff your energy out. Recognize what is it you are doing, how are you feeling and why you are letting yourself down.

How to generate your own energy.

Another word for energy is motivation, how can you motivate yourself so that you reach your goals, get what you want and find yourself successful?

Here are several ways in which you can do so:

  • Uplevel your mindset. What you think truly impacts your energy. If you are feeling blah and dull and like a loser, you won’t have the energy or even be able to muster it in order to take action on your goals. Think about a time when you were energized and motivated, what were you doing, what were you thinking? Use that feeling to energize you to take action on your goals.
  • Stop listening to other people. Only you can know what is truly right for you. Only when you begin to listen to what is right for you will you excel and find everlasting energy within you to go after what you want.
  • Clean your environment. If you are constantly letting yourself down, it may be your environment. External energy gets stagnant. Dust your home or office, vacuum, empty trash notice how you feel, it’s hard not to feel energized after you have engaged in moving things around and cleaning. It’s a really simple way to generate your own energy.
  • Just stop. Oftentimes we get caught up in doing something that we fail to realize that maybe we shouldn’t continue doing it. If you find you are getting stuck, frustrated and angry, just stop what you are doing. You can come back to it later, if you still feel the need.

It’s all you!

Keep in mind that only you can generate your energy and so it is true too that only you can generate your own motivation. No one else can do it for you. So what will you do to reach your goals, dreams and desires?

Decide right now on one of the above ways in which you can use to get started!

Get my free e-book and read the section on Mastering The Mindset.  It will give you more ways in which to uplevel your mindset. Download my free e-book now! It even has a companion workbook that you can use to get starting immediately.

It’s not enough to say you’ll stop; you actually have to do it.

In last month’s article I promised to give you several tips to break your patterns and start recognizing when is when.

We talked about knowing when is when, and though that is a great start it isn’t enough.  You have to actually say “No”.

That’s a scary thought for some people.  I know, it is for me too.  But here is the thing, if you don’t say “no” for yourself, no one else will. 

I just had a conversation with a woman I’m going to do a presentation with this fall. She said there came a time when she realized she had to decide for herself what she wanted, because giving all of her time, attention and energy to everyone else made her feel resentful, angry and sad.  She said that her life was not what she wanted it to be!  Sound familiar?

She decided to make some changes and say “no” a lot, until she felt that she had what she wanted in her life — peace, space, and happiness.  And it all started with her.  By the way she’s a mother of four and the breadwinner in her family, so before you say “I can’t do that” think again.  You most certainly can do it, but will you?

I promised that I would give you some tips and here they are:

  • Remember that “No” is a complete sentence.  You just need to say it and not offer any reasons why you are saying no.
  • Practice saying “no” out loud at least 100 times a day.  Yes, if you are someone who always says yes, saying no will be a challenge, I won’t lie to you.  However, you absolutely can change that pattern.  Practice saying no right now, just open your mouth and say no.  Now, didn’t that feel good?
  • Create a list of what you are doing and/or said you would do.  Once you create the list, take a good look at it.  How much on it is for other people and how much is for you?  If you see that most of it is for other people, here is a great place to say no.  And that means…
  • You can say no after you have said yes.  Oh the horrors!  “I just can’t!” I can hear you say.  Well, hear me say “Yes you can!”  I’ll let you work though that.  If you’d like some support, let me know because I will hold you as powerful no matter what in the fact that you can do this.

When you see that you are saying yes way too many times to too many things, stop and ask yourself “Just what am I afraid of here or what am I trying to prove?”

Remember I told you in my previous article  I’m ambitious, I like to get things done, and I like to be constantly moving forward.  Yet what I’ve done with this pattern is make myself come screeching to a halt.
I also told you that I didn’t know how I’d do with just doing one thing, and I’m happy to say that the last month has been amazing for me.  How I did it was to say NO.

Your turn!  Over the next week, say “no” 5 times and then come come back (or if you’d like to keep it private you are welcome to email me personally at and share how it made you feel.

My free e-book will give you a step by step guide to creating a successful business as well as a life! Download my free e-book now! It even has a companion workbook that you can use to get starting immediately.

Are you piling on the bull?

Did I get your attention? I hope so, that was my intent.

Pile of booksAnd so the next question is, are you? Piling on the bullsh*t that is. Making excuses, having “reasons” for not getting things done? Telling yourself you’ll get to it later and then later never comes? You have probably read other posts from me regarding excuses, and it’s a theme that continues to plague people, but why?


Many reasons, self-doubt, fear, worry, and concern which all point to f-e-a-r! Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of what other people will think, will say and more things than I can name in this one blog post. The interesting thing is most people won’t say they are afraid of something specific, fear shows up in very interesting ways.

Fear can show up in ways such as piling too much on yourself to do. If you have big to-do lists and a jammed packed schedule you’ll never get to anything and that actually keeps you safe. However, when you have too much to do, it’s almost impossible to finish any one thing.

Ask yourself are you keeping yourself (because make no mistake, it is you that is doing this) so busy because you absolutely have to do these things or are they holding you back from achieving what it is you want? Be completely honest with your answer here because often we think we have to do things or should do things when we really don’t.

What to do

And if you find that you are doing things that you really don’t have to do (or at least do right now) ask yourself what you are a avoiding, it’s a great question because if you ask what you are afraid of more than likely you won’t be able to answer that question -it’s too big and elusive.

By asking yourself what you are avoiding, you’ll be able to reach what it is that you are afraid of in a roundabout way. When one of my clients asked this question of herself she realized that she was afraid of saying no to others both in business and in life. So by keeping herself so busy she never had to say ‘no’ since she had other things she could cite as her reasons why she couldn’t do something.

Here’s the trick, learn to say no and feel good about it. That’s a whole blog for another day (we’ll get to that soon). Right now, take a look at where you are piling on the bullsh*t on yourself and then you can look at how to let it go.

Come on over to my Facebook page and share your experiences and any tips you have used to eliminate your stress.


Do you know when is when?

I had two conversations recently that gave me food for thought.  One day a friend said to me “I can’t help myself, I keep taking things on and it’s stressing me out.”  Then right after that, a client said “I have a hard time saying ‘no’ to everything and I’m totally stressed.”

My first thought was “Oh good, I’m not alone!” because I do the same thing.  My second thought was “Oh dear, there are others who don’t know when to say ‘when’, too.”  So I have decided to share my story with you so that if you are challenged by taking on too much too, maybe you’ll take something away from my experience to make your life better.

I have this habit of pushing myself a little too far. It shows up in ways like (and you may have the same issues):

  • putting too many to dos on my to do list
  • taking too many business-building classes
  • saying yes way too many times

When I do this I’m always in a mode of rushing around trying to get things done.  Of course, because there is too much to get done nothing ever feels like it’s coming to an end.

I recently finished learning how to be better at social media, but wanted to learn Instagram, so I signed up for a class for that. Then I saw an ad for a class to grow my email list and that is of interest to me as well, so I signed up.  Next I stumbled across an Ed2Go class for online businesses and thought this course would fill in the missing pieces that I felt I needed – so yes, I signed on for that one, too.

Now three classes isn’t really a lot (or so I think, you may think otherwise; it’s all in the perception) but that’s if you haven’t another thing you are doing … and in my case that isn’t so.

I run two businesses — my coaching business and my fitness business.  Plus, I am part of a group coaching program (where, yes, I’m learning in that as well) and I’m also in a private program that has group components, too.  So honestly, adding on even one of the classes above (and if I’m really being honest all of them) wasn’t in my best interest.

Can you guess what happened to me? If you guessed that I had stressed myself out beyond measure, you would be correct. Now let me tell you that it’s a negative self-sabotaging pattern that leads me to defeat not victory.

Can you relate?

I’m ambitious, I like to get things done, and I like to be constantly moving forward.  Yet what I’ve done with this pattern is make myself come screeching to a halt.

And that’s when I realized that I need to know when is when – when enough is enough, when too much is too much.  So I have decided that once all of these courses are complete, the new boundary for myself is to only take ONE course and be enrolled in ONE program at a time.

Truth be told, I don’t know how I’ll do with that (I’ll let you know though), because it’s such a different behavior and way of being for me.  However, I’m game to see how my life changes because of it!  

I wanted to share my story so that you can see you aren’t alone and you can do something about it.  Stay tuned to next month’s article where I’ll give you several tips to break your patterns and start recognizing when is when.

Your turn!  Hop on over to and share your experience, what you have done to overcome the do-itis or what you’d like to know about recognizing when is when.

And of course, if you’d like to keep it private you are welcome to email me personally at to share.

Want results, set a powerful intention.

When it comes to results, there is more to it than laying out goals. It’s about setting powerful intentions.

What is your intention?

How many times have you said or even heard “It wasn’t my intention to do that.” For the most part those words are uttered after something happened that either didn’t go well or wasn’t something that you wanted.

Create Your Future

When that happens usually it is because there was no aforethought. It’s usually a dive in and get going. Kind of like driving blind, you just get going and hope for the best. Well that isn’t any way to get results.


Setting an intention means to have a purpose, an aim, to have meaning. Yes, it is important to quantify your results. Writing down I will make $10,000 by June 30, is a powerful goal and adding a powerful intention in terms of purpose to go along with that means that you will see results.

Let’s take a look at setting an intention for the $10,000 by June 30.


  • To make $10,000 by June 30 (quantifiable)


  • I will show up for my business in a confident and assertive way.
  • I will hold myself as powerful no matter what.
  • I will take powerful actions:
    • To speak to 10 previous clients about working together again.
    • To follow up with potential clients to make an offer to work together now.
    • To track and keep all income and expenses up to date.

As you can see, there are some intentions that are focused on your way of being and then there are intentions that are focused on actions. The things you will do that will help you attain your result.  Each one is an important part of the result equation, to have one without the other results in less than what you want out of your goal.

The best way to be productive, purposeful and profitable is to:

  • Set specific intentions
  • Write down your specifci intentions
  • Review daily
  • Take consistent action

Here is the beauty of setting goals with powerful intentions, you immediately set yourself up for success. You will know exactly what it is you will do in order to work toward your goal throughout the time frame you have given yourself.

So many people let themselves down by choosing general goals without intentions, when they don’t reach them they feel like they have failed. When you set those powerful intentions, write them down, review them daily, and take consistent action you have no choice but to succeed.

Even if let’s say, you did not make $10,000 by the end of June, but you took specific action daily, you have won. Can you see that failure is not an option?

The other thing that happens when you set and follow your intentions is that you give yourself some insight into what perhaps didn’t (and of course, what did) work  so that you can easily course correct. The ultimate end result here is to continuously stay on target by taking action,  reviewing the results that come out of taking action and course correcting accordingly.

Are you ready? Good! I’m excited to hear how it goes for you. Email me your goals and intentions at along with the time frame you set for yourself. I’ll be here to support you in any way during your goal time and after the time frame is over, you’ll be able to write again to share your results!

Here is a resource for you if you are truly interested in reaching your goal, it’s called the Freedom Journal. Click here to go to the website and order your own copy.