Meet Kim

Hello! And thank you for taking an interest in learning a little bit about me.

My name is Kim Ravida (hence, Kim Ravida Coaching).  On a personal note, I am all about living in the moment and being totally me!  I am fun, happy, energetic, open-minded, supportive, encouraging, loving, compassionate and free – and it feels sooo good to tell you that!

I started my coaching practice specializing in health and fitness.  I am passionate about being healthy in mind, body and spirit, and believe “in life, health is everything.”  While I enjoyed helping people in that capacity, I admit I had a hard time figuring out all of the moving pieces when starting my own business.  Even after I hired coaches, took home-study programs, and attended online classes, I was left frustrated because nothing really gave me the solid foundation I knew I was missing (sound familiar?).

Through trial and error, I discovered that all of the major business categories fall into a system; each one following the other in a specific order.  Once I exposed this, it took the pressure off and released the overwhelm and anxiety I had been feeling trying to do everything at once and getting nowhere.

After I created a step-by-step system to build and lead myself to business success, I realized I potentially uncovered a gold mine and named my system The OPTIMAL Business Success Blueprint.

My focus is on helping women build strong businesses that are money makers and doing it in ways that are fun, exciting and take out the stress, frustration and overwhelm… and of course, keep them healthy and happy all at the same time.

My philosophy is to enjoy what you are doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.  Have fun while creating a business you love which will bring the freedom to live life joyfully, successfully and with great abundance in all areas.

Today I am leading a successful and profitable business that also brings me fun (one of my core values) and peace of mind while I live a healthy and happy life outside of work.  You can, too.



Kim Ravida received her Certified Professional Coach and ELI – Master Practitioner training and certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). In addition, Kim is a Money Breakthrough Method® Certified Coach and Sacred Money Archetypes® Certified Coach.

She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and International Association of Women in Business Coaching (IAWBC).

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