What you think about, you get

Are you happy with where your life is? Are you doing what you want? Do you have what you want?

If you aren’t 100% happy with were you are in your life and in your business, your thoughts may be to blame.

I’ve been participating in T. Harv Eker’s 7 Day No Complaining Challenge. You can check it out on his Facebook page. One thing that is being taught is that our thoughts = our results.

Your thoughts equal your results

Harv is a master at mindset. And one thing I have learned is that I complain more INSIDE my head than I do outwardly.

I was a bit horrified at this knowledge, yet, it’s great to know. See, awareness is the first step to making a change. And since there were things I wanted to change in both my life and in my business, this was a great first step for me. I also (as of the writing of this blog) am in the middle of an experience that I’d rather not experience.

I’m not trying to be cryptic, I’m just not ready to share it with the world. I will, just not yet. So focusing on where my thoughts are has been key in helping me turn an experience that could potential stop me in my tracks into one where I can look for something more pleasing to me. And for me, that equals a better result.

What results do you want to have in your life?

What about you? Where or what in your life (and/or business) do you want to have better results? Go ahead and write them down. Then, take a moment to think about your thoughts.

When you look at what you are thinking about, are you positive about it or are you negative about it? If you notice you are more negative 1) this is great awareness and 2) now you can change how you think. This will help you move toward creating those results that you want faster.

How to change your thoughts

Yes, you can change your thoughts! And guess what? It’s easy! Here are the steps:

  • Notice your default thought pattern – what do you tell yourself when something doesn’t go your way? This creates the awareness.
  • Determine another way to think about it – how can I change this thought? This creates the new thought pattern.
  • Say OUT LOUD your new way of thinking about what is going on. This reinforces the new thought pattern.
  • Write it down. This creates an even stronger pathway from brain to body.
  • Repeat as often as necessary.

Once you get into this habit, you’ll soon notice your thoughts changing. They won’t be so negative and you’ll (here’s the beauty) start to notice you are thinking more positive more often than not!

Pretty cool, eh?!

Why it matters?

Well, it matters because your life and your happiness depends on YOU. It depends on your ability to make it exactly what you want it to be. You are the only person that is in control of your life and don’t you want it to be a great life? Don’t you want your life to be full of what you want? I bet you do!

You matter. You are unique and special and you have unique needs and wants and there is no reason for you to not have what you want!

I’d love to hear about what happens for you when you begin to think thoughts that help you get what you want. Either comment here or feel free to email me personally at kim@kimravida.com!

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What if you just didn’t do it?

Look, it’s easy to get yourself to do things you don’t want to do. Now, what if you just didn’t do it?

Really, what would happen? Let’s think about this.

Possibilities of what might happen

You could die. But that depends on what it is you are contemplating not doing. If you are trying to overcome a serious illness and don’t take your medication, that’s a distinct possibility.

However, there are things that if you didn’t do, you could succeed beyond your imagination. Or you could discover you have been forcing yourself to do things that really just don’t matter.

But, let’s say it has to do with something you want to do with your business. What if you didn’t do it? What really would happen?

Let’s do an exercise. Choose ONE thing you have been trying to get done, or something you force yourself to do regularly but don’t want to do. Now get a piece of paper out (or open a blank document) and list out what you think will happen if you don’t do it.

So, what did you learn?

You learned 1) you really do have to do it or 2) you really don’t have to do it.

What really matters?

If you found that you are forcing yourself because for whatever reason you thought you had to do it, you hit on a goldmine of information.

There are so many “reasons” why we do things in our lives and in our businesses. And until you absolutely, without a doubt know your why – you may just be doing things because…

Reasons for defining your why:

  • You have clarity
  • Clarity gives you direction
  • Direction increases motivation
  • Motivation equals results

And ultimately in business we want results. So what if you only did what you knew would bring those results? What if you didn’t do what didn’t? Where do you think you’d be?

What are some of the things you had been telling yourself you had to do only to find out you really didn’t need to do them? I’d love to hear from you!

We respect your email privacy.

It’s what you do that counts

Thought for the day.thought-for-the-day

If you can remember that it’s what you do that counts, then what happens to you won’t matter.

Today, no matter what happens, step back and remember that what you do counts. Are you reacting in a way that is negative or positive to yourself and others? Are you reacting in the same way for basically everything?

I like to teach my clients to respond rather than react, but first they need to know how they react in order to move to responding. When you can respond, you give yourself the option of being at choice. React, pretty much is just a default that happens automatically and often unconsciously.

Have you ever said, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to do that?” or “I have no idea why I got so upset.” That’s your unconscious leading your actions rather than you being the leader. If you would like to react in a new, positive empowering way you can, all you need to do is start to notice how you react and then decide to change it. Then you can choose to respond.



Is your marketing right on or are you stumbling and bumbling?

What is marketing, anyway?

In business marketing is a BIG word. It’s used all the time, but what exactly does it mean and what does it mean to you?

Marketing as is defined by Wikipedia is: the communication between a company and the consumer audience that aims to increase the value of the company or its merchandise, or to raise the profile of the company and its products in the public mind. The purpose of marketing is to induce behavioral change in the receptive audience.[1]

The American Marketing Association has defined marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” [2]

And this is all fine and good, but what does it mean to and for you? Well, ultimately it means exposure, you get known, you make SALES and you have money! Whoohoo. Are you getting excited yet?

Oh but wait, there is more!

How can your marketing improve your success?

One thing that I see small business owners and solopreneurs fail at is creating marketing messages that capture their spirit, personality and passion. They fail to put themselves into.

One of my clients owns a successful hair salon and the reason it was successful was because she knew that it was her that people came into see.

In the beginning, it wasn’t always that way, she wanted to and did take a more background role. What she noticed was that she didn’t get as much repeat business as she did when she was the one greeting, setting their next appointments and conversing with them.

After she understood it was her Unique Brilliance that lead to more business, it was easy to create a marketing plan that filled in the missing pieces and gave her much success.

By identifying your Unique Brilliance and what you bring to the table, you can use it as a powerful catalyst for using your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions.

Unlock your powerful, instantly recognizable presence.

The best way to become a client-attraction and opportunity magnet is to know and strategically use your spirit, personality and passion to create hot marketing messages, create amazing images, attention-getting copy and many other marketing touch points that lead to increased clients and sales.

Knowing Your Unique Brilliance

Your own Unique Brilliance is not a skill, it’s a powerful force that describes the very core of who you are as an individual.

Here are a few questions for you to ask:

  • Write down what you loved to do as a child.
  • What are some words or qualities that describe that?
  • Finish this sentence:  My Unique Brilliance is that I _____________________

A few examples: I inspire possibility; I ignite passion and action; I empower greatness.

Keep in mind that your Unique Brilliance is just you – so it will not mention others and it does not describe steps or process.

How can you use your Unique Brilliance in your marketing? If you empower greatness how does that look? What social media messages and images are you creating; what are you talking about to potential clients; and how are you presenting your business to the world?

It’s fun and exciting! You can effortlessly create amazing marketing materials. You won’t be just creating a message you’ll be creating and building a brand!

If you are stumbling and bumbling with your marketing and attracting clients in your business and want to create amazing marketing messages that are on point and on brand, I have something you can’t say no to, it’s called Create The Soul of Your Business Marketing Guide. All you have to do is email me at kim@kimravida.com and put in the subject line YES! It is my gift to you. Don’t wait, this offer will go fast and it’s so awesome you won’t want to miss out.

How to propel yourself forward toward success

Secret to Success

Well, truly, it’s not a secret. It’s being talked about all over the place. It’s called your psychology. Also known as your mindset.

It is the one thing that can propel you to success.

As a business owner your success is paramount.

How to know if your mindset is sabotaging your efforts for success

There are many ways we harm our opportunities for success.  Several ways in which you may be taking yourself out from the success track are:

  • Are you using words such as “you are such an idiot, I can’t believe you did that, you are so stupid” in your self talk?
  • Do you often find yourself thinking about a situation hours or even days after it happened wishing you did or said something different than what you said?
  • Have you found yourself in the same situation over and over again, wondering what happened to get you here again?

If you said yes to any of those, you are in a negative mindset – therefore, your psychology is not one that will support you, it will actually destroy you.

Simple ways to boost your psychology for success

One of the reasons you may be more negatively focused is your upbringing. While we can’t go back to the past, you most certainly can change your present and your future.

  • Pay attention to your self talk.  Are you constantly berating yourself? Are you calling yourself derogatory names? There was a great article in Psychology Today that laid out the reasons why it’s easy to be negative. Once you are aware of your pattern it is easy to learn to turn it around.
  • Change your self talk.  If you do notice that you are not so nice to yourself, when you find that you are doing it, stop, and choose something nice to say about yourself.
  • Repetition is key.  In order to begin to change your pattern, you must be on guard and be at the ready when the negative self talk shows up so that you can change how you speak to yourself.

At first, it’s challenging, you may not even be aware of it.  Once you notice what you are doing, your pattern for your negative self talk, and implement your new habit of speaking kind and supportive to yourself, it gets easier!

Your assignment is to 1) pay attention to your self talk and notice if you are being negative and mean to yourself; 2) come up with several turn around phrases that you can tell yourself to start and shift from negative to positive; and 3) make it a habit.

That’s it! You will now be on the road to speedier successes and happiness!


My free e-book has a section about mindset. Learn more ways to help yourself to a successful and profitable business as well as a life! Download my free e-book now! It even has a companion workbook that you can use to get starting immediately.

How to have the ability to generate your own power

You have the power to generate energy.

I was watching a video from Brendon Burchard and he said such an intriguing thing that made me stand up and take notice.

He said that power plants don’t have energy, they generate energy.

His philosophy is that we have the power to generate our own energy, motivation and action. That got me to thinking, so often we take the easy way out. Have ever heard someone say (or even said yourself):

  • I’ll do it later.
  • I’ll start tomorrow.
  • I will leave this here for now.

Well my friend, if you have, not to worry, but know that when you do you basically snuff out your own energy. So if you are someone who would like to have more results, notice the times that you do snuff your energy out. Recognize what is it you are doing, how are you feeling and why you are letting yourself down.

How to generate your own energy.

Another word for energy is motivation, how can you motivate yourself so that you reach your goals, get what you want and find yourself successful?

Here are several ways in which you can do so:

  • Uplevel your mindset. What you think truly impacts your energy. If you are feeling blah and dull and like a loser, you won’t have the energy or even be able to muster it in order to take action on your goals. Think about a time when you were energized and motivated, what were you doing, what were you thinking? Use that feeling to energize you to take action on your goals.
  • Stop listening to other people. Only you can know what is truly right for you. Only when you begin to listen to what is right for you will you excel and find everlasting energy within you to go after what you want.
  • Clean your environment. If you are constantly letting yourself down, it may be your environment. External energy gets stagnant. Dust your home or office, vacuum, empty trash notice how you feel, it’s hard not to feel energized after you have engaged in moving things around and cleaning. It’s a really simple way to generate your own energy.
  • Just stop. Oftentimes we get caught up in doing something that we fail to realize that maybe we shouldn’t continue doing it. If you find you are getting stuck, frustrated and angry, just stop what you are doing. You can come back to it later, if you still feel the need.

It’s all you!

Keep in mind that only you can generate your energy and so it is true too that only you can generate your own motivation. No one else can do it for you. So what will you do to reach your goals, dreams and desires?

Decide right now on one of the above ways in which you can use to get started!

Get my free e-book and read the section on Mastering The Mindset.  It will give you more ways in which to uplevel your mindset. Download my free e-book now! It even has a companion workbook that you can use to get starting immediately.

It’s all about the money

Money, money, it’s such an interesting subject

Mention the word money to someone and see what their reaction is. Then ask them how much they make a year and watch their reaction. Ask them if they think they are great money managers and listen closely.

Money is a touchy subject. Often we look at things in black and white. Those who have it and those who don’t.

Are you someone who wants to have more money? If you answered yes (and I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t) what is it you really think about it? Do you love money or do you hate it? Are you thinking “of course I don’t love money”? And if you said “I love money”, are you feeling excited and elated about that or are you secretly thinking “um, that feels really strange”?

The importance of your relationship to money

The way you feel about money is the way your relationship is with it. Yes, you do have a relationship with money. As a business owner, this plays a huge role in your success and of course, in your profitability.

If you have a negative relationship with money you might bury your head in the sand when it comes to knowing your financials. When you do that, that just leads to disaster.

As a business owner, not knowing your numbers means that you cannot create a healthy business. It means that you may even be working for free. Now I know you don’t want that to happen, so it’s imperative that you know your numbers.

How to know your numbers

Here are simple steps to get your started:

  • Gather your income figures for the last 12 months
  • Gather your expenses for the last 12 months
  • Add each of them up to get a 12 month total and then subtract your expenses from your income
  • Ask: what do these figures mean for my business?

After you get your figure, hopefully you’ll be in the green, but if you aren’t take a deep breath. This may be the first time you have seen everything in one place.

The reason you want to ask what does this mean for my business is so that you can take a look at what is going on. You may need to go through your expenses to see what needs to be eliminated but you also may need to increase your income. If you do this, one thing is for sure, you will have a good financial picture in which to begin to make changes to lead you to profitability.

Can you see how knowing your figures will help you determine your outcomes? First you need to see what is going on, then you need to make adjustments and then from there you can begin to work on making a profit.

Give yourself a pat on the back for doing this. This may be a new behavior for you and you want to make sure you congratulate yourself for taking this action!


My free e-book will give you a step by step guide to creating a successful and profitable business as well as a life! Download my free e-book now! It even has a companion workbook that you can use to get starting immediately.

How to be a time producer instead of a time waster

How you handle your time will = your outcomes

“I’m late for a very important date” said the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  He actually said more than that it went more like this:

“I’m late, I’m late for
A very important date.
No time to say hello, good-bye,
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late
I’m late and when I wave,
I lose the time I save.”

And just like my blog last week about creating your roadmap quoted Lewis Carroll who wrote: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” The same thing will happen for you if you haven’t gotten a hold of yourself when it comes to time.

Not only will you not get to where you are going, you’ll never have the time to get there.

Time Management is a real farce

There is no way you can manage your time, but you sure can handle your time. Are you someone who knows exactly what you need to do as well as know how to do what it is you need to do? Are you someone who has clear priorities and accomplishes a lot in a short amount or time, or are you well, just all over the place?

What to do to get a handle on your time

First, you need to know what you are doing, how much time you think it will take and then how much it actually takes. Once you know that then you need to schedule it to get it done.

That was a struggle for me. I wasn’t always so great at time. I was a total time waster! I struggled so much with time. I worked with productivity experts, coaches, accountability partners and I read practically every book (yeah, not kidding) on time management as well as any blog I could find to help me and I just couldn’t figure this time thing out.

I started to think something was wrong with me. It wasn’t until I realized I didn’t have a clear idea of how much time something would take that I had my “V-8 moment” and I finally understood how I could handle time and be a time producer!

Become a Time Producer

A time producer is someone who gets a lot done without a lot of chaos, stress and mess! A time producer knows exactly how much something will take, knows when they will do it and does it.

This might sound like a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised how many people tell me they have no time to do what I’m recommending.

Take the time to figure out exactly how long something will take you to do so that you can know when you’ll be able to get it done.

If you would like a time tracker sheet, download my free e-book 5 Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Business That is Profitable. It comes with an accompanying workbook where you’ll also find step-by-step instructions on how to track your time to know your exact figures to be able to put more time in your day, because for a business owner, more time, equals more money!!

My free e-book will give you a step by step guide to creating a successful business as well as a life! Download my free e-book now! It even has a companion workbook that you can use to get starting immediately.

Why it’s important for your business to have a roadmap

Do you know where you are going?

Lewis Carroll wrote: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

It’s very true in business. If you haven’t laid out your path, chances are you’ll do a little of this, a little of that and end with with a whole lot of nothing.

I know because that’s exactly what I did when I started my business. Truth be told, I really didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I didn’t have a coach or a mentor to help me, I just dove in and thought I can totally do this.

I didn’t really know what “do this” was until it was almost too late. Luckily, I found a coach who had been there and done that. She helped me get on the right road.

What to do to get on the right road.

One of the things I did was to create a road map. I developed it out of my why I went into business in the first place. You can read about the why in my previous blog article: Do this important step when launching your business. In my road map I laid out my #1, 2 and 3 goals.  I then created the specific steps I would take in order to reach my top 3 goals.

It isn’t enough to say I want to increase my revenue or I want to grow my business. You have to have the specific steps that you will take to get you to that goal. The more specific you, the better!

Take the time to plan out what you will do specifically to get to your end result, those who fail to do this step, well, fail. My free e-book will help you get started, download it now – it is named 5 Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Business That is Profitable because that’s what I help my clients with and that’s what I want to help you with. It’s free to you for now and all you have to do is to put the time and effort in to make your business successful!

My free e-book will give you a step by step guide to creating a successful business as well as a life! Download my free e-book now! It even has a companion workbook that you can use to get starting immediately.

It’s not enough to say you’ll stop; you actually have to do it.

In last month’s article I promised to give you several tips to break your patterns and start recognizing when is when.

We talked about knowing when is when, and though that is a great start it isn’t enough.  You have to actually say “No”.

That’s a scary thought for some people.  I know, it is for me too.  But here is the thing, if you don’t say “no” for yourself, no one else will. 

I just had a conversation with a woman I’m going to do a presentation with this fall. She said there came a time when she realized she had to decide for herself what she wanted, because giving all of her time, attention and energy to everyone else made her feel resentful, angry and sad.  She said that her life was not what she wanted it to be!  Sound familiar?

She decided to make some changes and say “no” a lot, until she felt that she had what she wanted in her life — peace, space, and happiness.  And it all started with her.  By the way she’s a mother of four and the breadwinner in her family, so before you say “I can’t do that” think again.  You most certainly can do it, but will you?

I promised that I would give you some tips and here they are:

  • Remember that “No” is a complete sentence.  You just need to say it and not offer any reasons why you are saying no.
  • Practice saying “no” out loud at least 100 times a day.  Yes, if you are someone who always says yes, saying no will be a challenge, I won’t lie to you.  However, you absolutely can change that pattern.  Practice saying no right now, just open your mouth and say no.  Now, didn’t that feel good?
  • Create a list of what you are doing and/or said you would do.  Once you create the list, take a good look at it.  How much on it is for other people and how much is for you?  If you see that most of it is for other people, here is a great place to say no.  And that means…
  • You can say no after you have said yes.  Oh the horrors!  “I just can’t!” I can hear you say.  Well, hear me say “Yes you can!”  I’ll let you work though that.  If you’d like some support, let me know because I will hold you as powerful no matter what in the fact that you can do this.

When you see that you are saying yes way too many times to too many things, stop and ask yourself “Just what am I afraid of here or what am I trying to prove?”

Remember I told you in my previous article  I’m ambitious, I like to get things done, and I like to be constantly moving forward.  Yet what I’ve done with this pattern is make myself come screeching to a halt.
I also told you that I didn’t know how I’d do with just doing one thing, and I’m happy to say that the last month has been amazing for me.  How I did it was to say NO.

Your turn!  Over the next week, say “no” 5 times and then come come back (or if you’d like to keep it private you are welcome to email me personally at kim@kimravida.com) and share how it made you feel.

My free e-book will give you a step by step guide to creating a successful business as well as a life! Download my free e-book now! It even has a companion workbook that you can use to get starting immediately.