How to make progress toward your goals (2)The number one thing that you as a business owner needs to do in order to reach your goals is to know exactly where you are going.

Toward or Away?

Are you moving toward your goals or away from them? You may be saying “well, of course I’m moving toward them.” AND how do you know?

You move toward your goals when you are actively heading in the direction of your goal. Let’s take make money. If you are actively going out and signing on clients or selling your products and services and have actual money coming in then you are moving toward your goal of making money.

Let’s say though you are saying to yourself “I don’t want to be poor” or “I don’t want to not be able to pay my bills this month” then you are moving away from your goal.

What’s The Difference.

You may be thinking “ya but, if I am motivated by not being able to pay my bills, I’ll go out and get the clients I need so that I don’t find myself in that position.” And I can see why you would think that. However, the problem with moving away is that at some point you get far enough away from that feeling of what you don’t want that your motivation stops and you end up creating that same thing that you didn’t want.

Yes, it does create an initial case of being motivated because you don’t want that but when the motivation disappears what happens is the exact thing you didn’t want.

And so then, if you are moving toward what you do want such as plenty of money to easily pay your bills and then some, you realize that you can do more and you set higher goals. So instead of just having plenty of money to easily pay your bills, you will want money to perhaps give your favorite clients gifts or even give a gift to yourself or something of the like.

Move away from creates inconsistent results.  Move toward creates consistent results and then some.

Remember though, saying “plenty of money” is not enough to be able to reach your goal, as you’ll learn below you want to be specific as in a dollar amount of what it is you want.

How To Set Goals That Make It Easy to Move Toward.

Lay out your goal(s) and determine what will move you forward stated in the positive.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my goal simple and specific?
  • Is is meaningful to me?  In other words, what is in it for you?
  • Is it achievable? How will other areas of my life be impacted?
  • Is it realistic and responsible and good for all?
  • Is it timed toward what I want? Put a date on when the goal will be completed.

There is ONE piece that will have you move toward reaching and accomplishing your goal consistently and that is As If Now. As if you already have the goal.

Let’s say you want your goal to be as of December 31, 2016, you will write your goal As If Now: It is December 31, 2016 and I am now making $10,000 per month every month.

By doing so you move out of (or let’s say away from) wishing versus desiring.  Wishing is saying “that would be nice if that happened someday.” Desiring is creating a connection between your wanting and taking the action to get it.

What will it be for you? Are you ready to move toward? Go ahead and share your thoughts on my below or pop over to my Facebook page and share with me what it is you are moving toward. Feel free to state your goal as As If Now and what your first action step is that you will take to get you closer to your goal!

Want results, set a powerful intention.

When it comes to results, there is more to it than laying out goals. It’s about setting powerful intentions.

What is your intention?

How many times have you said or even heard “It wasn’t my intention to do that.” For the most part those words are uttered after something happened that either didn’t go well or wasn’t something that you wanted.

Create Your Future

When that happens usually it is because there was no aforethought. It’s usually a dive in and get going. Kind of like driving blind, you just get going and hope for the best. Well that isn’t any way to get results.


Setting an intention means to have a purpose, an aim, to have meaning. Yes, it is important to quantify your results. Writing down I will make $10,000 by June 30, is a powerful goal and adding a powerful intention in terms of purpose to go along with that means that you will see results.

Let’s take a look at setting an intention for the $10,000 by June 30.


  • To make $10,000 by June 30 (quantifiable)


  • I will show up for my business in a confident and assertive way.
  • I will hold myself as powerful no matter what.
  • I will take powerful actions:
    • To speak to 10 previous clients about working together again.
    • To follow up with potential clients to make an offer to work together now.
    • To track and keep all income and expenses up to date.

As you can see, there are some intentions that are focused on your way of being and then there are intentions that are focused on actions. The things you will do that will help you attain your result.  Each one is an important part of the result equation, to have one without the other results in less than what you want out of your goal.

The best way to be productive, purposeful and profitable is to:

  • Set specific intentions
  • Write down your specifci intentions
  • Review daily
  • Take consistent action

Here is the beauty of setting goals with powerful intentions, you immediately set yourself up for success. You will know exactly what it is you will do in order to work toward your goal throughout the time frame you have given yourself.

So many people let themselves down by choosing general goals without intentions, when they don’t reach them they feel like they have failed. When you set those powerful intentions, write them down, review them daily, and take consistent action you have no choice but to succeed.

Even if let’s say, you did not make $10,000 by the end of June, but you took specific action daily, you have won. Can you see that failure is not an option?

The other thing that happens when you set and follow your intentions is that you give yourself some insight into what perhaps didn’t (and of course, what did) work  so that you can easily course correct. The ultimate end result here is to continuously stay on target by taking action,  reviewing the results that come out of taking action and course correcting accordingly.

Are you ready? Good! I’m excited to hear how it goes for you. Email me your goals and intentions at along with the time frame you set for yourself. I’ll be here to support you in any way during your goal time and after the time frame is over, you’ll be able to write again to share your results!

Here is a resource for you if you are truly interested in reaching your goal, it’s called the Freedom Journal. Click here to go to the website and order your own copy.




Yes, there are some things you should do when it comes to your health & fitness

I know, you probably don’t want to be told what you should be doing. I get that. However, what if it were something that would add to your business and your life success? Would you be open to listening? Being healthy & fit is an important component for you to have in your business.

Health & fitness is another one of my specialties.  I’m a huge advocate of being healthy and fit. It helps us stay focused, gives us more energy and even brain power. Recently a client came to one of her sessions asking for “help getting healthier”. I’m qualified to help her with this too as I am a Certified Personal Trainer and have many years of both personal and professional experience and success in this arena.

A lot of people struggle with their health when they have their own business. True, it can be a challenge to run a business and be healthy but it isn’t impossible. Often, we talk about setting aside time for business related tasks and appointments so we can use time here as it pertains to your health & fitness.  Here are a few to get your started:


  • Make time for movement. Take a short walk, get up and stretch, go up and down a couple of flights of stairs a few times. Simple movement will bring oxygen into your body and will give you a boost in energy and mood.
  • Make time to plan, shop for and eat healthy meals. Plan and shop for what you will eat for the week, this will cut down on you just grabbing something unhealthy. When you know what you’ll be eating it is easier to just eat it.
  • Make time for sleep. Yes, sleep plays a hugely important role to your health & fitness. Just think about the time you didn’t get enough sleep and how hard it was for you to do the simplest tasks the next day, enough said!

That’s it, very simple “shoulds” right? Yes, absolutely. I’ll expand on them in later blog posts but for now, contemplate how it is you will fit these key three into your life so that you have optimal health & fitness!

I’d love for you to share your experience with your own health & fitness. Feel free to post a comment here.

If you would like to set up a free Strategic Plan of Action Call to get clear on how you can bring more health & fitness into your life, simply email me at with the subject line of I want to be fit and I’ll email you back to get set up!

Do you have what it takes to have a winning mindset?

Were you ever told that you needed a new attitude? Sometimes you do. An attitude is your mindset. If you aren’t making the money you want in your business, you need to shift your mindset to one of unlimited opportunities for you to increase your self-worth and net worth!

Mindset is what I like to call the end all, be all. If you have the right mindset, anything is possible. If not, for the most part everything is difficult. Think about some pro athletes, often it is not their sheer talents and abilities that make them successful, but their mindset.

Do you have the mindset that it takes to win in your business? Do you have a winning mindset that no matter what, you will succeed? Did you reach your income goal from last year? What about for the month of January? If the answer is no, why not? What do you have to do or know or be in order to have that successful mindset so that you reach those financial goals? You may have gaps that are holding you back from reaching your goals.

Dollars and woman

If you have been listening to my free webinar series The 5 Key Money Areas, you may already have taken the quiz and know where your gaps are. If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, you can find it here, it’s short and it won’t take you longer than 5 minutes to do. It relates to The 5 Key Money Areas I’ve talked about this month.

Once you identify your gaps and take action to close them, you’ll be able to increase your self-worth and net worth. Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful thing!?

I’d love to hear what you think comment or email me at to share!

The world will not fall apart if you do this…

ImagineLast month my article was about reaching for the stars.  This month it’s about not being afraid to run with the horses and step up your game.  What do I mean by that?  Well, quite honestly there are so many people who say that they want to do something, yet do absolutely nothing. Talk, talk, talk but no action.

Have you been there?  Have you ever noticed a time that you talked a great game, but didn’t follow through?  Sure, you have – we all have.  So what makes some people a “get-up-and-go, get it done” type person and others a “Yeah, right” person?  There are a lot of reasons but mostly it’s about fear… or lack thereof.  Fear of many things; fear of success, fear of failure, fear of what other people might/will say (I know that one very intimately), fear of feeling like a fool… you get the picture.

Well then, how do you run with the big guns feeling confident, self-assured and full of motivation to get things done to reach your goals?  It’s not as hard as you think.  No, really it isn’t.  I can speak from experience here that’s for sure.

For many years I wanted to make a career move and talked about it, but never did anything about it. Until finally one day I had had enough – enough of hearing my own voice talk, talk, talk.  What held me back was fear of what others would say… and also fear of making mistakes and feeling stupid.  One day I just said “I’m not doing this anymore” and there was no more worry about what if (the world came apart, I had no money, I didn’t have insurance).  All of those things ceased to matter.

So how can you make the changes that deep down you want, yet feel too much fear about doing?  First, there is a saying “Feel the fear and do it any way.” While I am not going to discount that, there is a little more to it than it sounds.  Here are several tips for you:

  • Imagine the best thing(s) that could happen for you because you had the courage to reach for your stars. Visualize how you will feel, what you will be doing and tap into all the great things you want for yourself, your family and your life (business too).  The great news is that our minds cannot distinguish from what is real or imagined – so imagine away!
  • Write out what you want on paper. Be super specific here and do not hold back.  I do suggest pen and paper because there is something special that begins to happen.  You really begin to tap into the feelings of what it will be like when you have your goals realized.  This part is a lot of fun.  Play up the ‘what if’ game and think about the amazing things that will happen for you.
  • Make a decision to do one thing that will move you closer to what you imagined. Then put that into an action-able form.  Being decisive is the first step to moving into action.  Once you decide, then you can easily create your next steps to reaching your goals.

These will help you get started.  And what happens once you get started?  Yes, a body in motion stays in motion.  The beauty here is that once you begin, you’ll want to continue. You’ll be in the feeling of possibility, and then opportunities will show up seemingly out of nowhere.  Then you’ll be taking actions that you might not have while you were in the fear frame of mind.

Get out of your fear and get into faith: faith that you can do it and you can have what you want.  Life is meant to be fun and enjoyable.  Think about it, would you rather be in fear, worry and dread or be in joy, excitement and courage?

As many of my clients know, taking action leads to results, the results lead to the success, and the success leads to happiness.  So my friend, by when will you sit down and go through the steps I gave you to do?  Make a date with yourself by the end of the month – do it this weekend! – and lay out your next grand adventure.  When you do, be sure to drop me a note at to let me know what your next action is going to be for you to reach your goals.  Or if you wish to share with a larger audience, post below here on my blog!

Did you get what you wanted?

How to Get What You Want Clipboard Checklist Dream Plan Do ItIt’s the end of the year! WOW, where did a whole year go? Can you answer that without having to look back at your calendar? If you can, I’m impressed. And I hope you can. It means that you are living a life on purpose; you are the cause of your life rather than being at the effect of it. For that you get a big “Congratulations!” I’d love for you to share how you do it. See, there are many people who are living their life at the effect of everything and everyone around them. I’ve written about that in the past and, in fact, I call it ‘being a victim’. It’s energy level 1 in my Energy Leadership Index Assessment.

As a business owner, if you can easily share with someone your top successes and accomplishments then you are probably among the select 2% of successful business owners out there. You more than likely have a vision, a plan, take action and course-correct.

If not, don’t worry. I’m here to help you. The below outline is a very quick way for you to have 2015 be all that you want it to be… even if 2014 was a bit disappointing to you.

My last article outlined my mentor Mark Luterman’s 5 Secret Weapon Steps. Here they are again:

  1. Purpose – what is your purpose, what is it you want to do, what end result do you wish to have?
  2. Plan – from your purpose, what is it you will do in order to reach your goals? Create a well thought-out plan of action so that you know the exact steps you will take to have your purpose materialize.
  3. Action – rather than just waiting for things to happen, you need to go out and do things. From your plan where you created the exact steps, it’s time to take action on them to realize results.
  4. Desire to Accomplish – this is your motivation for doing the actions to move you closer to your goals.
  5. Faith, Belief and Confidence – you must have faith in yourself, belief that you can and will accomplish your goals, and confidence to take the actions you laid out for you — no matter what — in order to reach your goals.

In the Small Business Secret Weapon process we also work with a bonus step and that is: exercise the principle of autosuggestion. This means that as you take action and complete to-dos and tasks, stuff starts to happen. You run into someone who can help you move closer to your goal, you get an unexpected but needed surprise, and so much more.

I often do VIP days with my clients so that they can start outlining what they want for their business and what they will do to get it. We take a day to do this together but you can do this for yourself. I suggest you take several hours so that you can get very clear on what it is you want. Find a quiet place where you can spend some time and get comfortable. Have a notebook and writing instrument or your computer/tablet so that you can write down your ideas and your plan.

Here is what you are going to do:

  • Define your purpose. State your overall purpose and then all the other reasons you are doing what you are doing or want to do. Get very clear, visualize how you will feel, what you will be doing, and don’t leave anything out – allow yourself time to create this.
  • Write out your roadmap. This is your to-do list so to speak. You will do x in order to reach $100,000 this year or x to get your business started and so on – write out each step that you can think of. While you want to be very clear, don’t worry about being so specific that you get caught up here. Remember, your bonus step from above will help you here!
  • Schedule your actions. Put each step that you have in your calendar so that you know what you will do and when. If you have a deadline such as ‘launch new business’, that goes into the future, and then you put the actions that lead up to that date closer to the present so you can take action to get there.
  • Write out the reason(s) you desire to accomplish your goals. Be as detailed as you can. This is your touchstone so that when things get a bit challenging, you can come back to this to motivate you back into action. It will act as your motivator. Examples: I want to quit my full-time job and work for myself; I want to send my children to college without having to take out loans; I want to retire by 50; I want to do what I love and be my own boss; or I want to be available to my kids. It is what is important to you in your life. Do not judge, this is strictly for you.
  • Write out why you have faith, belief and confidence. This is another touchstone. I have faith because I know I will be successful, I have faith that this will be exactly as I envision it, and I am confident that I will succeed.

Be as detailed as possible, envision all that you want to accomplish and see yourself accomplishing it. Trust that once you begin taking action, opportunities will find you because the bonus step is real, it does happen.

I’d love for you to share your experience. Feel free to send me a personal email at kim @ or post on my blog below! And if you find that you need help with this or just want someone to walk you through each step, I have several VIP slots available, so give me a shout! And if you want the support of me and a group, there are a few spaces available in my group mastermind program too.

It’s Up to Me!

what do you want questionDid you know that you are the one responsible for happiness in your life?  That’s right, you are.  There’s only you to blame if you don’t have what you want in your life.  If you want a better relationship, you need to be the one to create a better relationship.  If you want a dream job, you need to be the one to create a dream job.  If you want more money, you need to be the one to create more money.  You may notice I’m using the word create here.  That’s because you get to create what you want.  It all starts with you.

What?  Yes, I know that is a scary concept for some of us while for others it’s a Yahoo! and a permission-granter.  See, no one can make us happy, give us joy or help us feel better about ourselves; only we can do that.  And in order to do that we must know: 1) what we want and 2) how to get it.  It’s all about the plan, man.  Create a blueprint, a roadmap of what you will do in order to get what you want.

I’ve said it before in other articles and you’ve probably heard it elsewhere too, but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  You operate blindly and without purpose.  Purpose is key to getting what you want.

Let’s look at the 5 steps to your success.  This is adapted from Mark Luterman’s 5 Secret Weapon Steps that I use with my business clients.

  1. Purpose – what is your purpose, what is it you want to do, what end result do you wish to have?
  2. Plan – from your purpose, what is it you will do in order to reach your goals?  Create a well thought-out plan of action so that you know the exact actions you will take to have your purpose materialize.
  3. Action – rather than just waiting for things to happen, you need to go out and do things.  From your plan where you created the exact actions, it’s time to take action on them to actualize results.
  4. Desire to Accomplish – this is your motivation for doing the actions to move you closer to your goals.
  5. Faith, Belief and Confidence – you must have faith in yourself, belief that you can and will accomplish your goals, and confidence to take the actions you laid out for you — no matter what — in order to reach your goals.

In the Small Business Secret Weapon process we also work with a bonus step and that is: exercise the principle of autosuggestion.  This means that as you take action and complete to-dos and tasks, stuff starts to happen.  You run into someone who can help you move closer to your goal, you get an unexpected but needed surprise, and so much more.

This is how you create what it is you want: a great relationship, dream job, amazing health and wealth.  You get clear, you plan, you act, you stand in your own power and you start to see results.  Give it a go and see what comes to you.  It’s a great time to plan for what you want to realize next in your life.  Right now is always the best time to plan.  No waiting necessary.  What is it you want?  What will you do to get it?  If it’s meant to be, it’s up to you!

I’d love for you to share your experience.  Feel free to send me a personal email at or post below!


From Setback to Comeback!

detourIn my last blog I shared with you The Secret Behind Big Success… are many smaller ones.  This time I would like to talk about what a “setback” can do for you—yes, do FOR you.

I used to get so upset when something went wrong.  I really did.  I was thrown off my pace, and felt frustrated and often angry.  There were so many things I started and then abandoned because they didn’t go the way I thought or wanted.  Do you ever feel that way?

It was about the time I decided to do a complete shift in my career path and became a coach that I finally learned that a setback is not an end-all.  It isn’t game over or give up time.  Instead, it is a chance for a comeback.  It was a time to review and revise; to do something different.  Maybe even something that was more to my liking and would lead me to what I wanted.  I found that so liberating and appealing!

So whenever you feel that you are stuck, you don’t have any choices (which by the way, you always do but that is a topic for another blog), or something isn’t going the way you want it to—take a second and a step back.  Ask yourself – what kind of comeback do you want to have?

Once you know your answer, take some time to sort out your strategy.  Write out a small plan and the steps you will take to get closer to reaching your goals.  While an extensive plan can be useful, for this keep it simple and short; say 3-5 tasks that you can start with.  I like to call it the Game Plan yet I have learned not attach myself to it!  Instead, I stay fluid and keep my options open.  It gives me a roadmap to follow so that I know what my comeback is going to give me.

Try it.  I’d love to hear from you how you make out.  From setback to comeback!  It’s a fabulous experience to have and once you have it, you want more of it!  And a funny thing happens… “setbacks” seem to disappear.


Wonder Why You Can’t Reach Your Goals?

goalThere was a long period in my life where it seemed to me I wasn’t reaching my goals.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was out of alignment with my values, so reaching my goals was next to impossible.  And why I didn’t realize this was because I didn’t even know what a value was!  Oh sure, I knew the ‘value’ of something I was buying:  was I getting a good value on the new car or was that a good value for the dinner I wanted.  Stuff like that.  However, I had no idea that lacking my own personal values was causing me to be so unhappy and never attaining what I wanted (aka my goals).

OK, so what is a value?  Well you know me, I like to pull out the thesaurus.  When it comes to your personal values, some of the words that come up are: importance, worth, significant, and meaning.

A personal value can easily be defined as your preferences.  I have a very high value for freedom and fun and, yes, those are my preferences.  Maybe you can relate.  I like to have fun and when I have fun, I feel really good… and since I like to feel good, fun, therefore, is important to me.  I also like not being told to do things – one of the reasons I decided to quit working for someone else and go out on my own.  I get to create the freedom I want (and really, ultimately need).

If you are having a hard time getting results and reaching your goals, check in with your values.  Chances are your values are not being met… or, like I used to be, you really don’t even know what you value.

So to give you an idea of what values are, here is a short list:

  • Compassion
  • Comfort
  • Ease
  • Energy
  • Faith
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Intellect
  • Love
  • Mindfulness
  • Perfection
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
  • Sharing
  • Thoughtfulness

Personal values are internal and act as a reference for what is good, beneficial, important and useful for us… no one else.  They generate behavior.  For instance, let’s say your top three values are:  fun, ease and love.  You have decided you want to get in shape.  If you incorporate your top three values of fun, ease and love into your workout plan, you can bet your behavior is going to bring you success.  You would find something you really have fun doing like taking a dance class, that fits into your schedule with ease, and you show your love for yourself (yes, you can love yourself just like you love the others in your life) by committing to going regularly.

Another example: you are a new business owner and trying to figure out how to run your business.  You value compassion, professionalism and respect.  You would set up your business by creating systems that support your top three values.  To satisfy your value of compassion, you would speak kindly to your prospective and/or current clients.  Your value of professionalism would show up in being timely with invoices, paying bills and returning calls/emails.  Your value of respect shows your clients that you have a high opinion of them and you genuinely care and are authentic.  As a business owner, these all will lead to prospective clients getting to know, like and trust you.  Not only are you able to help more people, but you are able to generate more income all while honoring your values.  It’s a win/win situation all around.

Once you know your values, your life becomes simply the best with grace and ease and you find that you are in a flow.  You get what you want quickly and your goals get accomplished faster.  Everything comes easy.  And one other thing happens, you know what goals you want to work on and how you are going to reach them!

You know I love to hear your success stories, and this one is no different.  I would love for you to shoot me an email or share on my Facebook page.  I always love that because then you get to help others just by sharing your success!  Also, feel free to share your thoughts, insights and revelations below!