Why it is so easy to pile things to do on our plates?

kim ravida


Have enough?

As business owners, it’s easy to have loads on our plates (er…desks). We all have enough things to do, places to go, and items to manage.

And why is it so easy to end up with our proverbial plates piled higher than we even stand? Well, lots of things and one stands out among them all…the inability to say no.

No is a single and complete sentence. Yet, so many business owners feel they have to offer more and more specifically, they have to say why they can’t or don’t want to do something.

So they end up saying yes, hence the high piles of things to do, places to go and items to manage. And no time for doing what they truly want.

How to say no.

If you found yourself saying “yup, that’s me, I just can’t say no.” Let me tell you that 1) it’s ok for no to escape your lips often and 2) no one will die if you do (not even you =).

True you might feel bad, but you’ll get over it and it gets easier. I was a serial YESer. I’d say yes to everything. I did it because I wanted people to like me and think I was helpful. Only a funny thing happened, I ended up not liking myself and I certainly wasn’t as much help as I could have been to those I said yes to because I resented saying yes.

That’s no way to be respectful of yourself or others. I discovered my reason for yes after working with my own business coach and the second I did, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I felt freer than I ever had.

How to say no easily is simple, p-r-a-c-t-i-c-e! You need to practice saying no. Here are a few for you to practice with:

  • Short response: No.
  • Feeling the need to say more: No, thank you.
  • Wanting to expand it a bit: No, I won’t be able to help you (do that for you) with that.
  • Said succinctly: No.

There is no reason for you to be sorry.

You will notice that no where in your practice material are the words I’m sorry. Because I’m sorry has no place here. We are accustomed to using “I’m sorry” as a habit. If you really, really, really want to offer a reason for your no, be honest and to the point. Here is the thing, you either DO want to say yes or you DON’T and when you don’t the respectful response is no (full sentence, end of conversation).

If you do feel sorry, why is that? What is it you feel you need to do or be for yourself to feel good about your saying no? Give some thought to that. My guess is you’ll discover what it is I discovered which for me was I wanted to be liked, ultimately that lead to a fear of not wanting to be rejected. Once I discovered that and knew that truly no one can reject me (that only happens because of how I feel), saying no became easy.

The result of saying no.

There are many benefits to saying no to things that are not for you to do, you have more time, you get more things done, you feel better, you truly enjoy what you are doing, you no longer need to complain, you no longer need to feel bad about yourself and not getting to the things that are most important to you. You get so many benefits.

What is one thing you need to say no to right now? Go and do it. And here’s a tip, you can say no even if you already said yes. It’s called “I changed my mind.” And like with no, it’s a complete sentence. and yes, in this case, you can say “I’m sorry, I changed my mind.” Because here it fits. Though you certainly do not have to say I’m sorry ever in these instances.

Give this a shot and I’d love to hear from you about how it goes, if you would like to share your experience here, post in the comment section below.

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How do you and your time get along?


Being purposeful with your time.

You and your time not getting along? Time can either draaaaaag or it can go like a snap of the fingers.

Are you among the many business owners that it just goes like a snap of the fingers? Do you often end your day thinking “wow, I never got to do everything I wanted to do? If you are there is a way to overcome that.

One of the most important things you need to do is to be purposeful with your time. In my last blog I talked about being purposeful in order to reach your success and how to stay on target when the going gets tough.

The next thing you need to do is be purposeful with your time.

How to make time stand still (or seem like it).

Let’s say you have 7 working hours and you have 10 things to do. How often do you take the time to write out how long each task will take? Probably not very often (for many of my clients, until they start working with me, it’s never).

If you were to take 5-10 minutes to give some thought to how long each task will take you, you will soon know if you’ll have time for all of them. And an added benefit to you is that you more than likely will decide that a couple of things don’t even need to be done now.

It’s time to make time stand still for you!

Do a time assessment of how long everything you do takes you. This may take about a week or so. Don’t despair, it is time well invested. Once you know how long things take to do and how many hours you have in a particular day or week, you can now easily schedule them to be done.

Give this a shot and I’d love to hear from you about how it goes, if you would like to share your experience here, post in the comment section below.

Still finding that time disappears on you? Schedule a 30-minute complimentary Productive Planning For Success Strategy Session with me. You’ll walk away with a clear picture of how to be purposeful with your time to begin using it purposefully now!

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Do you wish you had more time?

When I first began my business, one of the things that I used to say was “I wish I had more time.” Here is the kicker though, no matter how much time I had, I never felt that I had enough of it.

TimeAre you someone who constantly feels as if you never have enough time or wonders where your time went?  One thing that might help you is to learn how you use your time that will make the biggest difference for you.

Have you heard of Parkinson’s Law where work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion? It’s so true!  If you have an hour to get something done, it will take you an hour and if you have 15 minutes, then well, it will take you 15 minutes. So you can absolutely create more time simply by completing your tasks faster.

So that said, some tasks need to be done faster and some do need time to unfold and to build.  A key for your success is to know without a doubt which tasks need to be done quickly and which tasks need more time.

Most people struggle with the challenge of trying to figure out what is a priority because they think that everything is a priority. Stephen Covey created a Time Management Matrix to be able to help you prioritize better and have a better understanding of what is truly important and needs to get done and what is just urgent and has you hopping around putting out fires.

If you find that you are putting out more fires than you are getting to your important things, learning to implement time producers and eliminate time wasters is something that you can benefit from. In my brand new e-book 5 Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Business that is Profitable I have a section that will help you become a master of your time.

Download the e-book now and get started on being a master of time. After you have downloaded the e-book and taken action on creating more time for yourself, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and victories, email me at kim@kimravida.com to share!