Cori headshot
“Before finding Kim I was in a mindset slump. I had been productive with my business but it seemed that I was not doing enough or getting anywhere. After working with Kim on a few calls I could see the improvements on how to deal with myself talk. By the end of our sessions I was feeling more aligned in how I wanted to be feeling. Kim is an amazing coach and helped me out of my slump!”


Tiffany Doner, T. Doner and Associates


Cori headshot
“Kim provides effective, time-efficient solutions for busy entrepreneurs. In just minutes she helped me find solutions to problems that had been costing me money for a long time when I insisted on grappling with them on my own. I believe you will spend less time struggling and more time making money when you add Kim’s practical, straightforward problem solving skills to your list of resources.”


Cori McGraw, High-End Used Saddles


Lori Reyna“Kim has helped me to focus on what I want and to stay accountable to myself. My business has by grown leaps and bounds and I feel much less stress.”

Lori Reyna, Salon Reyna


Monica Bentley headshot“I’ve had a list of things I wanted to do for a while. Kim helped me get them done. I’ve joined associations in my target market. She’s helped me put systems into place and follow through with them. I’m going after — and getting – higher-end clients and loving working with them. And best of all I’ve reached my financial goal three months in a row and counting! I could not have done it without her encouragement and support.”

Monica Bentley, Simple Wizardry


Shannon Vanasse headshot“Working with Kim Ravida and being a part of her Mastermind group has been amazing. I’ve had numerous successes since working with her and those successes include increasing my revenue by 38%, reducing my debt by 30%, managing my time more efficiently and effectively, valuing what I bring to the table, acknowledging my accomplishments on a weekly basis, implementing systems and processes to accommodate my growth and expansion and most importantly making myself a priority!

“The mastermind group is amazing as well. It is wonderful to interact with other like-minded individuals who are struggling with the same issues. We celebrate each other’s successes without judgment and we support each other at all times. We often know when someone needs to be lifted up and celebrated! We are a close-knit community of highly-valued and successful entrepreneurs!”

Shannon Vanasse


Alison Bentley headshot“As a result of [the mastermind] program, I was able to accomplish a lot of things! Like tracking my results, setting goals, and organizing my work space. The Sacred Money Archetypes really helped me understand my strengths.”

Alison Bentley


Christine Bearse headshot“As the months went by I felt very comfortable letting my guard down and coming to the group with my real struggles. The response from Kim and the other members was always compassionate and exactly the advice I needed to make the next move in my business. I cannot put a price tag on the benefits of being part of a group that understands me and through that knowledge knows how to help push me forward. As a result I have made some hard choices, like closing one business to fully give my attention to a business that rewards me financially, emotionally and spiritually. I have learned from other members who have been in similar situations to mine both personally and professionally. I walk on firmer ground in all my relationships now thanks to this mastermind group.”

Christine Bearse



Kim-McCloskey“I began working with Kim at a time in my life and business when I was ready to make a major career shift. I knew I wanted (needed!) someone to keep me focused through the duration of a certification course I was undertaking and beyond.

Believe me, many temptations and obstacles distracted me along the way, but Kim was always there bringing my vision back into clarity: What is my resistance? What do I really want? Along the way I learned many things about myself because Kim’s ability to ask questions that had me digging ever deeper to realize the answers for myself. These realizations helped me refine “the way I do anything is the way I do everything” so now I do everything better than I did before I began working her!

Two fun but very practical things I gleaned from this experience (just two of many!) was that Kim helped me find a way to organize and prioritize my days for ultimate productivity; she gave me permission to combine multiple techniques I picked up along the years to create a system that worked perfectly for me now. Secondly, Kim encouraged me to track my income on a daily basis and I was surprised to learn that I was making more each day than I thought. That led me to look at all my numbers more closely and make the astounding discovery that I am on track to increase revenue a whopping 85% over last year! Talk about motivation!

Kim is a genuine, caring, and super fun person to “be around”. Within moments of meeting her you know she’s the real deal… and you want her to become your BFF! There’s something to be said for having a coach you really like, admire and can relate to.

Thank you for everything, Kim!”

Kimberly McCloskey
Online Business Manager


Lisa-Nourse“Working with Kim on my money archetypes helped me to see how I treat my money and how my archetypes fit with my personality. It was amazing how it all clicked and made me understand how to be better with my money. She is very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I felt pleasantly surprised that I was pretty good with how I treated money both personally and in my business, I just needed a few tips that Kim provided and I found very helpful such as a mantra I can easily remember to help keep me on track. I was able to start taking positive action to increase my income and it became easier to ask people to work with me, raise my rates, etc. Thank you Kim for giving me a solid money foundation that I can build upon to increase my income and keep more money.

“Thank you, Kim.”

Lisa Nourse, LMN Virtual Assistance, LLC


MeriflorToneatto“What a joy to work with Kim!  Before working with her, I doubted how I could fully move forward in developing a successful business.  Kim possesses wonderful qualities of a great coach, including her ability to help you get very clear and focused on your goals and dreams.  She quickly gets you into action, while being supportive and fun-loving at the same time.  Kim helped me shift from anxiety to fully stepping into my power and playing a much bigger game in my business.  As a result, I am able to generate the big impact and results with my own clients while making great income doing what I love.

“I highly recommend working with Kim.  You’ll be so glad you did!”

Meriflor Toneatto


ChristineBearse“I was at the point where I felt I needed a coach because I knew I had potential but I was holding myself back in so many areas.  I wanted to lose the “baby weight” I had been carrying around for 4+ years, my business was running but not efficiently and I was in a constant struggle with work/life balance.  In short, I felt like I was failing at life and it was only getting worse by the day.

“I was instantly attracted to Kim’s warmth and cheerfulness; I made my decision to work with her after only speaking with her for a few minutes.  That decision has truly been life changing, but even more importantly, I have had fun all along the way.  I believe one of Kim’s greatest strengths is her ability to listen carefully to every emotion and situation I present in an open-minded way and then find the connections I don’t see to move me forward no matter what area of my life we are focusing on.  She lets me know through her coaching that she respects and cares for me.  As a result of our time together this year, I have lost the 20 pounds I wanted to lose, moved from being an employee of my business to a successful CEO and improved my relationships with my husband, young sons and other family members and friends.  I never dreamed I would ever reach this level of happiness and fulfillment by just being me.  She has helped to uncover the diamond in the rough that I thought was there but had always eluded me. Thank you, Kim!”

Christine Bearse
Global Head of Web Technologies
Van den Braak, Bearse & Associates


“Kim worked with me on my fitness/weight loss goals. Included in this was my desire to make better food choices and to identify triggers as to when I was likely to give into “mindless” eating. Part of my biggest challenge is the fact that I work an overnight position.

“Kim was instrumental in helping me to figure out eating “triggers”. She helped me identify key times/stressors when I would be most likely to give into temptation. Having weekly phone consultations and email check-ins were key to keeping me motivated and focused.

“I was successful in achieving a realistic fitness/weight loss goal and learned to make wise food choices.  A bonus to all of this was looking forward to my work-outs; thinking about them positively and how they would help me become a better and improved version of me!

“Without Kim’s coaching I probably would still be stuck in my old, same-routine rut. She was superb in helping me stay on track, thinking positively, and moving towards my goals. And if I had a set-back, how I could get myself back on track without feeling guilty. I always looked forward to checking in with her and will definitely use her for future life coaching needs.”

Lisa Tillman


“Before working with Kim, I really struggled with motivation.  I felt sluggish, under a lot of pressure and overweight.  The turning point that inspired me to get help was wanting to feel better and, get my weight under control.

“In just a few sessions I began to see that I had more energy, felt better and could deal with the stress better, the sessions gave me physical positive results that I noticed.  Working with Kim has impacted my life by constantly feeling good about myself after a workout and know that “I can do it/I can make it” by overcoming my stress, over eating, and lack of motivation to work out.”

Teresa Comegys


KarenMajalian“Kim Ravida is simply a joy to work with. Before working with a coach, I had difficulty seeing why things were not moving forward in my business and personal life. Step by step, Kim helped me remove my perceived obstacles with ease and understanding, and without judgment. She encouraged me to celebrate my accomplishments which I now know is important to do. Kim is extremely positive and uplifting and makes me feel that anything and everything is possible in my life!”

– Karen Majalian, REALTOR


“Before working with Kim, I really struggled with motivation to exercise, I was tired and I felt frustrated.

“In just a few sessions I began to see that by working out, eating healthy and taking care of myself I felt so much better and I noticed I had a lot more energy.  I also found that my frustration was gone.  Working with Kim has impacted my life by boosting my self confidence and knowing that no matter what she’ll be there for me.”

Susan Powers


“I worked with Kim around feeling incomplete with a prospective client. She coached me brilliantly to empower my voice, and as a bonus I uncovered a belief that was totally out of integrity with my money story. I created a boundary that left me eager to engage with this prospect one more time to close the gap I was feeling.

“Thank you for your insight and skill, Kim! This new awareness will serve me forever in my work.”

Rozlyn Warren